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Updated 05.07.24

Founders' Pointe Subdivision

A 54-home development scheduled for completion by March 2025.

We are thrilled to announce homes are available for purchase in Founders' Pointe subdivision, along with the City of Sheboygan Falls providing up to a $65,000 down payment program to support home ownership in this subdivision. 

To become eligible for a Home in Founders’ Pointe, we recommend establishing a relationship with a mortgage lender to receive pre-approval for a mortgage of up to $260,000.  Only by being pre-approved for a loan can you participate in the Home Buyer Selection Process. Founders’ Pointe homes have deed restrictions and buyer eligibility restrictions to accomplish the mission of the housing initiative. Please review the criteria of each prior to contacting a mortgage lender.  


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Available Homes for Purchase

Driveways and landscaping are included with the purchase of the home and will be installed as soon as weather conditions permit.

House 13 22 copy

Lot 20

IMG 0032

Lot 21

House 9 19 copy

Lot 29



Homes will be brought to market in groupings of four to eight homes at a time. Unavailable homes for purchase will be grayed out on the map below. 


SITE PLAN 050724
Available for Purchase Lot Number Address Model Type Exterior Color Interior Color
Yes 20 1009 Cole Court Bedford Silver Moonlight
Yes 21 1015 Cole Court Bedford White Earl Grey
Yes 29 1034 Cole Court Bedford Champagne Moonlight
No 1 1050 Sully Way Bedford Silver Arctic
No 2 1044 Sully Way Lexington Cactus Kodiak
No 3 1038 Sully Way Bedford White Moonlight
No 4 1032 Sully Way Bedford Silver Arctic
No 5 1026 Sully Way Lexington Smoke Earl Grey
No 6 1020 Sully Way Lexington Champagne Moonlight
No 7 1014 Sully Way Bedford Sierra Arctic
No 8 1008 Sully Way Remington White Moonlight
No 9 1002 Sully Way Remington Smoke Kodiak
No 10 959 Sully Way Bedford Sierra Moonlight
No 11 953 Sully Way Lexington Silver Earl Grey
No 12 947 Sully Way Remington Cactus Arctic
No 13 941 Sully Way Bedford Champagne Arctic
No 14 935 Sully Way Lexington White Earl Grey
No 15 929 Sully Way Remington Sierra Kodiak
No 16 923 Sully Way Bedford Silver Moonlight
No 17 917 Sully Way Lexington Smoke Moonlight
No 18 911 Sully Way Lexington White Kodiak
No 19 905 Sully Way Remington Champagne Arctic
No 22 1021 Cole Court Remington Cactus Kodiak
No 23 1027 Cole Court Remington Smoke Arctic
No 24 1033 Cole Court Remington Sierra Moonlight
No 25 1039 Cole Court Bedford Silver Arctic
No 26 1045 Cole Court Bedford Champagne Kodiak
No 27 1046 Cole Court Remington White Moonlight
No 28 1040 Cole Court Bedford Cactus Earl Grey
No 30 1028 Cole Court Remington Silver Arctic
No 31 1022 Cole Court Bedford Sierra Kodiak
No 32 1016 Cole Court Lexington Champagne Moonlight
No 33 1010 Cole Court Remington Smoke Kodiak
No 34 1011 McNish Court Lexington Sierra Earl Grey
No 35 1017 McNish Court Bedford Silver Earl Grey
No 36 1023 McNish Court Bedford Cactus Arctic
No 37 1029 McNish Court Lexington White Moonlight
No 38 1035 McNish Court Bedford Sierra Earl Grey
No 39 1041 McNish Court Bedford Smoke Kodiak
No 40 1047 McNish Court Lexington Champagne Arctic
No 41 1048 McNish Court Remington Cactus Moonlight
No 42 1042 McNish Court Bedford Silver Earl Grey
No 43 1036 McNish Court Bedford White Arctic
No 44 1030 McNish Court Remington Sierra Kodiak
No 45 1024 McNish Court Lexington Smoke Arctic
No 46 1013 McNish Court Bedford Champagne Moonlight
No 47 1012 McNish Court Remington White Earl Grey
No 48 1013 / 956 Sully Way Lexington Silver Earl Grey
No 49 1019 Sully Way Bedford Sierra Kodiak
No 50 1025 Sully Way Remington White Moonlight
No 51 1031 Sully Way Remington Cactus Kodiak
No 52 1037 Sully Way Bedford Silver Earl Grey
No 53 1043 Sully Way Bedford Champagne Arctic
No 54 1049 Sully Way Remington Smoke Moonlight

The Details

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Deeds & Home Buyer Selection Process

Due to the high demand, the SCEDC is implementing a Home Buyer Selection Process based on a variety of factors to be a Qualified Buyer.
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Find a full list of lenders that have been actively involved in the home-buying process, along with available down payment assistance programs. 
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Housing Updates

Stay up to date on the release of homes for purchase and future housing projects throughout Sheboygan County.
Housing Updates

Ready to Purchase?

Apply today to be part of the Home Buyers Selection Process. 

*Applicants must obtain pre-approval of a loan or mortgage before progressing with the application process. Individuals who submit a form for a home in Founders' Pointe without pre-approval will be disqualified from selection eligibility.

Floor Plans

Founders' Pointe presents a selection of three distinct floor plans, each featuring three bedrooms and two full bathrooms with various roof lines. Complete with a full basement and an attached two-car garage, these residences offer both style and functionality. 

Below, you will find a selection of lenders that have been actively involved in the project and are well-versed in the future home-buying process and can provide the required documentation to become eligible to purchase a home.

Bedford Floor Plan


Single-Story Floorplan
Lexington Floor Plan


Two-Story Floorplan
Remington Floor Plan


Single Story Floorplan